Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We are on a journey for appointment with the brighter side of life!.. So there is no point in getting disappointed at any point!!..
Humorous but makes sense:):):)..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Monsoon!

For someone, rain is an inconvenience on the way, while for someone else, its funtime drenching! It reminds me of paper boats..

As I looked at my garden, a feeling of pleasance encompassed me. The plants which were heavily coated with summer dust now appeared vivid green. This simple observation brought lessons which have kept me pondering.

Flowers blossom, add beauty for the day and wither at the end of the day. Leaves are there for longer but they too fall one day. But roots are there forever, nurturing every part of the plant, at every instant.

In our life, people keep coming, some are out of scene very soon, some stay longer, and few, forever. This is a fact in this journey called life. Each one has their own roles to play. Each one gives us precious lessons, which remain in our life even when they don’t. Some teach us how to be, and some teach how not to be. Happiest are those who can nurture each of them, treasuring those lessons. So Lets be the happiest!

Things keep changing. Wisely said, change is the only constant in this world! The unpleasant truth being these plants will once again turn dusty and dry up when summer comes. The soul of the plants craves for monsoon, singing a silent song.. And then they welcome monsoon, followed by a silent song again.
Is this the perpetual cycle of nature?..

But monsoon is truly magical. One rain is enough to wash off all the summer dust, been there for months!.. So why not wash off all our negative thoughts with some positive reinforcement?... Lets do that. Every time we forget this, there is rain to remind us of this!.

Happy monsoon..;-)..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ma Entry!

Hi.. I write my heart out as I believe in expressing myself.. Feel free to post ur opinions, feedbacks, if any>>